There are so many ways to be a helper in the world and do good for others around you! Here are some of our favorite ideas from Dr. Colleen Russo Johnson, PhD and Chief Scientist at Ok Play (

  • Go on a kindness hunt. Notice when others are kind to you or kind to one another. For example, when someone at school shares something with you or when one person holds a door open for another person to pass through.
  • Engage in random acts of kindness. Write kind messages to strangers on the sidewalk with chalk. Leave a surprise gift for a loved one just because.
  • Be a cheer squad. Find someone doing something challenging and offer them words of encouragement as they work through the process.
  • Check in on elderly family members and neighbors. Send them handmade cards or drop off a care package.
  • Pick up a regular household chore. From putting away dishes to feeding a pet, this is great way to show independence and be helpful and supportive at home.
  • Support a local charity. Find a nonprofit in your local neighborhood/ city that you can contribute to. 

How do you “do good”?

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