"I believe that no matter where a child is from or what situation they are in today, they deserve to feel that they matter, they have purpose, they are loved, and they have a community that cares. When kids wear our t-shirts, I want them to feel good about themselves and know they are helping other kids feel the same way."

- Julie Tingley, founder of Wee Macree

Thank you for supporting our mission!

Be It. Wear It. Share It.

The message behind Wee Macree.

What this means to you.
You are a kid that does good things. You like to help. You are a caring friend. You are an important part of a community of other kids that have big hearts and big dreams of all kids doing good together. The good inside you makes the world around you good too.

What this means to others.
There are kids out there just like you, but don’t have the same things you have. Where they live, how they live, who they live with- may be different. But they are still good. And they are our friends. Wearing this shirt helps them have more so they can do more good, just like you. Let’s share their stories so they can:
· Attend schools with great teachers, and have the supplies they need to learn.
· Access medical services they require to live more independently and be able to play with friends like you.
· Feel safe inside their homes and in their surrounding communities.
· Go to bed at night without feeling hungry, and know they will have food to eat the very next day.