Follow your heart. 

In a climate marked with uncertainty, social setbacks, and human detachment, we can only wonder how this time in history will affect our next best generation. Wee Macree was founded with the simple realization that small acts, when compounded together, can change the world. We believe that by building a community of helpers, we can safeguard the well-being of children everywhere.

Our shirts: A Wee Macree shirt celebrates the individuality of the child who wears it and offers visual recognition of the impact of their actions. It also heightens awareness for the child who ultimately benefits from its use.

Our events: At every signature Wee Macree kindness and giveback event, we honor the heart in each of us, and strive to make every effort to show that kids caring for kids is the way forward.


Founders Story

The inspiration for Wee Macree began when Julie left her corporate job to stay at home with her girls. The transition to a stay-at-home mom felt less like an empowered choice and more like the single best option she had upon receiving professional pushback regarding her extended maternity leave after the birth of her two daughters. Faced with the choice to accept the reality of a demoralizing and unjust workplace or seek new purpose outside of her career, Julie opted to build a community of support among professional women in Tampa Bay with her daughters by her side. Setting the example of empowerment, inclusion, and collaboration became the driving force that motivated this mother to ultimately grow a 400+ member movement with her daughters by her side. The result was unintentional but magical: As Julie and the other women grew more connected and more supported, so did Julie’s girls. They started to do better in school. They demonstrated more confidence in sports. They weren’t afraid to try new things. Julie recognized that in building this united group, her own daughters benefited by the experience. It was time to shift her focus from adults to do this very thing for children everywhere.