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Kids helping Kids.

As a mother of two heart-centered and empathetic girls, I know that inside every child is a powerful potential that will shine if given a chance. I founded Wee Macree with a mission to build community and raise awareness around issues impacting kids around the world. 

Every purchase of a Wee Macree t-shirt puts money into the hands of organizations devoted to helping children. Every shirt is a proud reminder to celebrate the potential in every child. We honor the heart in all of us, we seek friendship in one another, and strive to make every effort to show that kids caring for kids is the way forward.

 - Julie Tingley, founder of Wee Macree

Wee are in this together

Wee Macree is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives back to our charitable partners through the sale of our shirts. Every shirt represents a campaign partnership intended to nurture empathy and inspire hope for all children.

Wee Macree also hosts immersive giveback events in Tampa Bay for kids to make a difference in the lives of children in need by spreading kindness and doing good.

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