Wee Macree

Wee Macree T-shirt Club


Join the Wee Macree T-shirt Club to receive a new shirt every month that gives back 40% of profits to a charity that benefits children. Every Club member will receive information about the kids their shirt helps along with other member-only goodies with every shipment.

Note: if you currently have existing styles, please notify our team so that we can avoid duplications and/ or consider gifting a different size of a favorite t-shirt to a friend. We are available by email to make this Club experience work for everyone!

Join the Wee Macree T-shirt Club
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100% Eco-Aware.

The social and environmental responsibility of Bella + Canvas t-shirts have never been up for debate. Bella + Canvas is a green company through and through- taking every opportunity to reduce co2 emissions. They use 7x less water than average clothing manufacturers, and their manufacturing facilities produce almost no landfill because anything that cannot be turned into a tee is recycled. 


100% Sweat-shop Free + Platinum WRAP Certified. 

Doing things the right way has always been the promise of Bella + Canvas. American-made is something the company strongly believes in and has been manufacturing in the U.S. and internationally in a no-sweat-shop, humane, sustainable way since the very beginning.


1. Machine wash cold. Turn shirt inside out and machine wash cold with like colors.
2. Hang to dry. Keep shirt inside out and hang it up to dry.