Wee Stand Together

The saying that repeats on the front. 


I had to do it. The style reminds me of a mural in Hyde Park Village in Tampa that has repeating text all the way down. Or one of those shopping bags that have the words: “Thank You” stacked on the front until the last line where it says “Have a nice day.” But for Wee Macree, I wanted it to be a power statement.


As Joanna and I were going through the sayings and figuring out style and graphics, a tragedy shook the country. It was May 24, 2022- the day we all learned about Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.


On June 7, 2022, Matthew McConaughey joined a press conference inside The White House press briefing room where he held up a pair of green converse as he emotionally described the horrific event that took the lives of 21 victims in his hometown. He explained that the pair of sneakers were the same that 10-year old Maite Rodriguez wore on the day of the shooting, and the only way that she could be identified after the violent incident. 


I could not shake that imagery. His face. Those shoes. Those elementary school children. 


Joanna and I put a pair of sneakers on the red shirt that day. I knew it would be hard to talk about. I knew the reference was ALOT. But I wanted a space for what I learned in that moment in time that helped me see this rising epidemic in our country that puts every single school-aged child at risk. 


For the most part, our campaigns feel not-so-heavy. Let’s support a disabled child getting a dog- ok! Let’s feed 40 meals to hungry kids- sounds great! Let’s send sick kids to Orlando for a week with their families- oh yes! But those only feel that way because the kids that wear our shirts are usually not disabled, not hungry, and not sick. So those issues feel distant and easier to discuss. Though, when an issue involves feuding politics, law, school drills, and a population of nearly 100% - well, then it feels heavy. And not as many people want to talk about it. We question each other’s politics. We don’t want to hear the story of the shoes. Or the kids at Uvalde. Or Parkland. Or Sandy Hook.


I thought- to protect our children from the bad feelings that follow this issue - I would focus this shirt campaign on a nonprofit group that gives shoes to school-aged kids that need sneakers, to boost their confidence and school attendance. But then, Covenant School in Tennessee happened and I had had enough. 


Sandy Hook Promise was the most reputable nonprofit organization doing the best work for this issue that was above the political feuds. Not pointing fingers at guns or mental illness, but on the early days of a shooter’s life where kindness could go a really long way. Where social isolation or bullying would not be tolerated because research-backed programs were being implemented and enforced for kids to be more socially aware and more inclusive of their peers. This starts at a very young age- before it perpetuates into adolescence and adulthood. Before a gun is ever considered or handled. 


I stand with the mission of Sandy Hook Promise and what its leaders are doing in the days following a parent’s worse nightmare. They are doing it the right way. 


I will present issues along that not every parent likes. They could be issues that may make you uncomfortable, and even be difficult to talk about with your children. I would be sad if this makes someone feel like they couldn't support the campaign, because the reality is, I do these uncomfortable things for your children too. This issue doesn’t just affect mine. We are actually in this one together.


The sooner we realize this, the sooner wee stand together, the sooner we can make change happen. 


Wee Stand Together (it’s worth repeating.)

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