Wee Are All Beautiful

I remember the day I ran from the back of Target pushing the shopping cart with my seven month old daughter tucked into her car seat carrier inside, while I squeezed my three year old under my right arm. I was screaming for help as strangers ran to my side to accompany me toward store management and away from two very bad men. They saw everything that I had seen. Everything that the security cameras picked up. My suspicions were further confirmed when the bad men ran from the store, into the parking lot where they were met by a getaway truck that sped off before the police arrived.


I don’t talk about this - ever, and that’s about as far as I’ll go here.


It was a terrifying day that I’ll never forget, but, my two daughters were safe with me then and they will remain safe with me every time we leave our home. I refuse to allow anyone to take that power and resolve away from me as a mother, especially two very bad men. 


But this is not the case for every targeted child. And in those other cases, there is rarely ever a vigilant screaming mother running on adrenaline with a slew of strangers to corroborate her story at the time of the incident that changes everything.


When bad people want to hurt or traffic children, data indicates that there are parents and guardians willing to participate in a transaction, or these bad people are influential enough to acquire kids that are vulnerable and isolated.


These are but only a few ways human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children begin, and how another very uncomfortable issue becomes a Wee Macree campaign. 


“Wee are all beautiful” represents confidence, positivity, acceptance, and wonder. The phrase exudes girl-power, sisterhood, the flip of the hair, the kick of a heel, or even a twirl. Seeing beauty in the world happens through eyes that know beauty, happiness, smiles, and sunshine. These are the very things we want for every girl, and the reason that the nonprofit organization Redefining Refuge exists. Every child, no matter what their eyes have seen, deserves a chance to find beauty in the world and - better yet - discover it within herself. Confidence is often cultivated in a child by adoring adults- which is why Redefining Refuge is the beneficiary of the “Mommy & Me High Tea” event (Tampa, FL) where very young girls enjoy a magical party with their own mothers or women that are instrumental in building confidence within them. 


For this particular campaign, I partnered with my dear friend, Bhavna Kanakia, the founder of Missy Fashion Accessories. She and I met only a year ago, but we instantly connected and knew we were meant to do something together one day. Originally from Mumbai, India, she designs the most exquisite headbands that are hand-beaded by a team of female artisans in her home country. The pieces have grown a following all over Tampa and beyond because of the stunning details and the fact that you can wear them all day and they do not hurt! And what could be a better complement to a “beautiful” Wee tee meant for a princess than a matching “crown”?


This is our first collaborative campaign, the first that is not gender-neutral, and the first to combine specific elements of our nonprofit partner’s branding. The butterflies on the shirt represent the way that Redefining Refuge is recognized in our local community. As I have been involved with the organization for years, it was important to me to capture the very things that make this hard issue more “beautiful.” After all, I don’t want every child to know what every issue we represent feels like, but I do want them to understand that there is hope for every kid we support. The symbol of the butterfly represents that hope. She is transformation. She is freedom. 


The last details of this shirt that I really love are that the butterflies are drawn next to moths. Because moths are also so beautiful, and sometimes - when you see them flying - it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. And though it is easy to find the beauty in a moth, it’s also important to see the differences in them. I love the idea of representing diversity here. Finally, the “Barbie” font at the top of the shirt…that is a nod to my own childhood and that one that I’m witnessing daily with my own girls. 


For my daughters to know. 


For your daughters to see.


For every girl to believe…


Wee are all beautiful. 

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Wee Are All Beautiful with headband