Wee Pet Dogs

Since the very early days of Wee Macree, this campaign was a must for me. 

Dog-lovers will get it. Have you ever had that one special dog that was more than just a pet? My special boy, Rocco, just happens to walk on four legs and have a face full of fur (with a long tongue that hangs to the side). A little man to me, but a miniature Yorkie to anyone else. 

My career shift may have started with my girls (the human ones), but it really took off with Rocco as I committed to preserving the memory of him in my writing as a hopeful children’s picture book author. When I was suddenly signaled to start Wee Macree in the middle of writing Roo + Doots (named after him), I really wanted to honor the human-animal connection in one of the early nonprofit partnerships. It’s one thing to declare that Rocco has been my trusted therapist and little life-saver for nearly 16 years, but it is something else when you recognize that the most treasured among us depend on a therapy companion for life-saving measures. The relationship is extraordinary, and it brings me back to the reason we need Wee Macree: the future belongs to our children no matter how they get there; so why not deliver them safely, knowing what friendship, interconnectedness, and harmony should look like? 

“Wee pet dogs” is, of course, a sweet thing to do and have on the shirt, but Wee will teach that working dogs have jobs to do with kids that need them most. And when it comes to those kids, Wee will go into more detail about disability and how that makes someone special. Just as important, too, Wee will share the benefits of supporting this particular campaign and how the funds could be used by Canines for Disabled Kids to make a difference in a child’s life. Wee do this because wee know great change must begin with awareness, with the belief that change is possible, and with one small step. For a child to gain greater independence, for a dog to be trained to prepare a fourth grader for an impending seizure, for the community to understand life with a service animal, wee wear this red shirt proudly. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support for this second campaign and our new nonprofit partner. 

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