Wee AND Mighty

When I think about the mightiness of a child, I think about their ability to shine through the darkness. It is their innocence and imagination, their softness and vulnerability, their resilience and forgiveness that make them the strongest beings on earth. Children can sense possibility around them without fully understanding their surroundings; they dream with their eyes open; and they still believe in themselves and others. 

As many as 13 million children in this country live at or below poverty level. This means that a healthy meal is likely not on their radar. In fact, a complete meal of any kind could be few and far between. For many, breakfast and lunch at school provides the only food they will eat all day. Some may even have access to after-school snacks, which will be the last thing they will consume until they return to school the following morning. For these children, the school year is when they will be at their best, when their small bodies will grow the most. Then,  this changes in the summer months when schools are closed. And while these kids may lose physical strength, they are still mighty. 

Programs that provide meals during the summer to children, regardless of their risk or income levels, are often run by the government. However, the essential equipment to facilitate the receipt of food can be fully funded by donations that come through organizations like Share Our Strength, through its No Kid Hungry campaign. In more rural areas, delivery becomes critical so that at least one meal can be given to every child that needs it. Yet, it is only one meal! Other initiatives are needed, and research and advocacy are integral parts to ending childhood hunger in this country. 

Today, we can get ahead of what will become a challenging season for children that live in "food insecure" homes. These are good kids that deserve to be healthy, to grow, and be strong all year long. Together with Share Our Strength, we demonstrate that we are not “small but mighty” but instead “Wee and Mighty.” We are every child, and every issue that affects children are our own issues. Kids that wear this Wee Macree shirt play a role in helping to provide 40 meals to hungry children. We believe that kids can be a part of the change when they share the message of the shirt, a piece of clothing that supports:

  • Children starting the day with breakfast at school which will help them do better in the classroom.
  • After-school meal availability for kids that won’t have anything to eat when they go home for the day.
  • Programs that run over the summer to provide healthy meals when there is no school.

Please join our campaign and show off how Mighty we can be- together! 

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