It Was All a Dream…

Truly. It really was.

This idea came to me when I least expected it. A message that was placed on my heart that seemed outrageous at first and then grew more and more real every day. 

You see, the thing with the heart is you can’t change the way it beats. The way it feels, the way it sounds, the way it moves you. Trust me, I tried.

In a year that I needed to step back and release the extra commitments and responsibilities to open space in my schedule (and sanity) to process a health diagnosis that my husband had just received…During a time when uncertainty and disconnect still reigned in a post-pandemic period that still felt very much pandemic-like and “normal” was still yet to be defined…I still felt the tugging, and it became near impossible to ignore the urge. I was being asked to do something much bigger than myself, and space and time had no bearing on what was meant to be. 

And—what’s more—I could justify it. To the questions I asked myself as a worried wife; in response to the skepticism I presented as a protective mother; and to the rational logic I debated as a somewhat reasonable woman. It was not about me. This was about the kids. Every child actually, not just my own. This was for the ones who found themselves in the ranks of reported cases of anxiety and depression diagnoses when the world shut down and social interaction stopped. For the ones who were convinced their lives held no purpose. For the children who had no safe place to go, no trusted caregivers to protect them, no food to fill their small bodies, the ones who were losing their sparkle. This was also about the kids who had the resources, the ones that attended virtual school, dance, piano-practice, Spanish tutoring, and even the occasional cooking class—all from behind a computer screen. For the ones who began to think that life was a digital reality, and that was as big and as meaningful as it could ever be. The message was clear: serving children, providing purpose, facilitating connection, inviting friendship, and taking it back to the heart was what I needed to do, and it needed to be now.

Graphic tees with a message, fashion with a purpose- why couldn’t it just be that? Why incorporate community and promote the practice of empathy beyond a single sale? Because it’s our future. I’m in this for us. For every single one of us. In the years leading up to this, I grew a 400+ member community of women in the Tampa Bay area where a heart-centered purpose guided my efforts and attracted like-minded professionals to come together. I did this as a corporate working world drop-out, a stay-at-home mom, and mission-driven woman bringing my two little girls with me as we joined a collective of ladies who would ultimately inspire and empower my daughters’ confidence in school, sports, and beyond. If I did it before, I could do it again. If my two children benefited from community building once, they would benefit again. But this time, we were taking every child with us. 

From infancy, children demonstrate that they feel empathy toward another person even though they don’t know exactly how to help or offer support. Until about the age of 11, research shows that children believe they can still change the world. The community I needed to build had to capture this time to preserve the very things we all need for a better tomorrow: the belief we can make the world better, with the know-how. For these reasons, we are offering our designs and campaigns for ages 3-10, sizes 3T to 14/16, for the ones that hold the hope for all of us to come together and do good as one. 

A shirt with a message to identify the kid who wears it- a reminder of their purpose and the good they contribute. A shirt with a message to identify that kid that will benefit from the money that is donated as a result of its purchase- a reminder that there are many friends we just haven’t met yet in the world, and our future depends on their welfare too. 

Wee Macree was born. A simple beginning for a bigger plan. Kids helping kids to mark the way forward. 

Mom-founded (with the help of strong female creative partners beside her), locally made (with processes that are socially and environmentally responsible).

A dream so big, it scared me…so I knew I was onto something good



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