Tampa Bay Launch Day

Giant yellow heart balloons ✔️

Big yellow heart cookies ✔️

Yellow shopping bags ✔️

The best launch location owned by another local mompreneur ✔️

There was no turning back. 

It was World Children’s Day, a day that falls on November 20th every year. A Saturday square I’ve been staring at in my paper planner (who else? I’m not the only one.) and on the wall since early summer when I began to see the bigger picture for what this project could really be. Was it a coincidence that Wee Macree was ready to make its local debut on a day dedicated to promoting international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare? A fluke? Luck? Or maybe just the most serendipitous sign that everything was falling into place in its own time?

I believe the latter is true, too.

The gray shirts were folded behind a yellow tablecloth displaying the most perfect hand-drawn logo created by my design partner Joanna Holden with Modular Ink out of Austin, Texas. There were friendship bracelets, stickers, a craft, and four days of prior media coverage surrounding the debut of Wee Macree. And then, the doors to Butter Bug Boutique were opened, and for the first time, my friends would see what I’ve been working on from my dining room table since March. 

The best part? I was doing this alongside my people. My mom was there to help me with anything that came up. Ella (8) and Kate (5) were there to guide new friends through a simple but meaningful craft. My husband came to support and connect with my photographer Synthia Therese Photography who we’ve known for years. Images by Christina Jones Photography graced the table to show kids in their “wee do good” shirts, the first campaign to introduce our first nonprofit partner TRIBE Seminole Heights, who was also there to represent her good work and our great friendship, Kristen Brown. My dear friends came with their children, they came alone, by car, bike, foot…it was magical and the best display of community I’ve seen in a long time. For this, for me, for our kids. 

And there was the staff of Butter Bug Boutique. The girls that worked behind the counter, behind social media posts and stories, and behind the vision of a store that shares the good being done in the world, with brands that represent give-back, heart, and hope. The owner, Courtney Vermette, who I had not known for more than a month, allowed me to be a part of her collection that day, and welcomed my people into her space. It was magical and the best display of love I’ve felt in a long time. For all of us, but especially for children in Tampa Bay. 

The best part of the day will stay with me through the photos of local kids in their Wee Macree. The kids that have joined in our commitment to do good and think big. I hope I always squeal when I see those precious faces in these shirts. 

It’s good. It’s magic. It’s community and love. A giveback collective to support the causes that support our kids. 

Day 1 ✔️

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Wee Are All Beautiful with headband